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Get ready to embark on a musical adventure like no other as Uke Mullum proudly presents the highly anticipated 12th Birthday celebration! On Thursday, 20th July, join us at The Courthouse Hotel in Mullumbimby for a night of pure joy, laughter, and lifelong friendships, presented by the imminently loveable, Miss Amber and Stukulele.

Prepare to unleash your inner musical merriment as we delve into the magic of the 'friends' theme. With ukuleles in hand, patrons will strum and sing along to a specially curated 'friends' themed songbook, carefully crafted to ignite your spirit and bring people together through the universal language of music. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, this is your chance to join a community of like-minded individuals and create harmonious melodies that will reverberate in your soul.

Brace yourself for an extraordinary line-up of guest vocalists who will dazzle and inspire. The magnetic presence of Miss Amber and Stukulele, and Daughter Rose, combined with the Iconoclastic Jimmy Dowling, the captivating tones of Ash Bell, Mullum Highschool captain, The Amazing Max Fog, and the enchanting country stylings of Clelia Adams. Local Mullum Uke Club regulars Val and Erina will kick off the proceedings all backed by an amazing 6-piece band. 

Arrive early to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and tantalize your taste buds with the delectable offerings from the bistro, opening its doors at 5:30 PM. The celebration officially commences at 7:00 PM, so secure your spot and experience the unforgettable camaraderie that awaits.

Tickets are available for $25 per adult at the door or take advantage of our limited-time offer and book online in advance for the incredible discounted price of $20 (plus a small booking fee) at Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to celebrate with us!

Uke Mullum's 12th Birthday celebration promises an evening bursting with laughter, joy, and the sheer thrill of making music with friends, both old and new. Presented by the dynamic duo, Miss Amber and Stukulele, this event is not to be missed. Mark your calendars for July 20th and join us for an unforgettable night of strumming, singing, and maybe even dancing that will leave you with memories to cherish forever.


Ballina UKE NIGHT & Now Byron Bay 

Miss Amber and Stukulele's UKE NIGHT is finishing up in Mullum this month on FRI 26 JULY back at the Courthouse Hotel where they started 8 years ago. While this is the end of an era, it's not all sad news as the cherished UKE NIGHT has been confirmed for Ballina RSL for THU 15 AUG, 2019 (plus dates in each month until the end of the year).

Just announced UKE NIGHT is headed for yet another new venue The Byron Bay Services Club on THU 29 AUG. Stu will have his work cut out making songbooks. If you'd like to support him sign up to patreon, every little bit helps. Remember if you would like to lead a tune get in touch.

Front Page Of Seven - Hawaiian Night 

Maybe it's because Mandy Nolan and husband John Stevens have just eloped in Hawaii (setting a world wide trend followed by a Kardashion) ... how surprised and thankful were we to find our faces back on the cover of Seven, the entertainment section of the local paper –The Echo. Lets hope it brings in some nice Hawaiian outfits next Thursday 25 Feb. Thanks for the support Mandy and The Echo.

Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival 2016 

What a treat it was to be invited to play for the Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival 2016. We really had a blast. Our Friday night dinner show was as much fun as we have ever had. The audience was fantastic and having Michael Galeazzi on double bass and Bruce Reid on lap steel and banjo was heaven. Miss Amber became known as the woman in the green dress. Everyone was so supportive and appreciative and downright friendly. Thanks to Steve, The Blue Mugs, crew and all the organisers of such a wonderful festival.

2016 We Begin! 

Yes... for the 3rd year in a row, our most 'Australian' local vocalists (and favourite singer / songwriters) Sara 'n' Ash are back. Wouldn't be the same without 'em... very excited!! Don't You Slip...!!! Australian music thrived in the 60's, 70's and 80s because of the pubs and clubs. Some of most enduring Aussie classics were made in this golden era – Miss Amber 'n Stukulele are bringing it back in a glorious celebration of timeless Australian ROCKIN' OUT!!! ... on ukulele.

Front Page of 7  

We are very proud to be on the front cover of '7' the entertainment section of the ECHO, our local newspaper (Byron Bay and Mullumbimby). It is quite exciting that we have made it to 4 years old! Yay us.... 'we' means everyone who comes to the uke night. Much sincere thanks to you all.

Happy Birthday Miss Amber 

Yes it was Miss Amber's birthday on the same day as the Feb 2015 UKE NIGHT at the Courthouse Hotel in Mulliumbimby (last Thursday every Month). The night was dedicated to Miss Amber and she sang the bulk of the tunes. It was a corker... Check out the photos from Niche Pictures here.

80s Uke Night Frivolities 

We had a great rehearsal last night with special guests Kathryn Jones and Chris Mallory (pictured hi-fiving Miss Amber). This is the beginning of a run of three shows of 80s UKE NIGHTS; Mullumbimby, Ipswich and Tumbulgum. We have always wanted to be able to perform our shows more than just the once. If only we could take our crack band around to all the shows.

We will have Rod Coe on the Mullum and Tumbulgum shows playing his Fender precision bass to cope with the tricky 80s bass lines. Shelley Osland in Ipswich will also be playing electric. The Bowling club in Ipswich can't afford any news paper advertising for this one so we don't have any idea how many of you will show up. We'd love to work with a drummer in Ipswich though as there is no guarantee we don't know whether we will have enough through the door to go around.

If anyone wants to put their hand up for a bit of fun, please contact us. Hope we see you at a 80s Uke Night near you. STU

Uke Mullum Turns 3 

3 years ago on July 27 around 130 patrons gathered at Mullumbimby's Courthouse Hotel for the first ever 'Uke Mullum'. Stukulele and Miss Amber’s themed uke nights have been a regular monthly event ever since.  At least 20 new songs are projected onto a screen so the audience can play along lead by Stu and Amber with a great band and special guests. Next Thursday 31st July 2014 come and celebrate the 3rd Birthday with the apt theme of ‘3’. Special guests are Ash Bell with his rendition of the commodores '3 Times A Lady’,  The 12 piece Northern Rivers Uke Orchestra will present 3 instrumentals, local guitar whiz Warren Earl is dropping in for some uke solos and the amazing Joel Salom will attempt an unofficial world record for juggling three ukuleles. Sing, strum or enjoy the band, with heaps more planned for what is sure to be another memorable, fun family event. 

Stukulele teaches ukulele to folks of all ages and can be contacted here or via 

Our First Published Review 

Folks... do not labour under any false  misapprehensions... being an independent record company / publicist / manager / booker / songwriter / musician / graphic artist / web master / singer / husband / father / decent human / ukulele player... is a daunting task. We are ever so stoked that we have received our first review... in Rhythms Magazine. Thanks Tony Hillier for giving us your time. We understand why a serious music reviewer may not want to give us the energy and actually listen to our efforts ... so we really appreciate you giving us your time and some space in the magazine. We pray that more reviewers will see the worth in our cause...  to bring the joy of making music back to all people. So ... amen to that. if you're not into that type of line... ROCK ON!! Sincerely... thanks, STU