From the recording Sweet Lies and Lullabies

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A sepia tones duet with a familiar tale of love gone bad. Miss Amber vocals, voicelised kazoo and mouth trumpet & Stukulele vocals, Uke and drums, Rod Coe on Double Bass, Paul Agar on the spoons


Gonna Call my Baby
Take me out I got the blues
I’m Callin’ my Baby
You aint got nuthin’ to lose
Take me downtown buy me a new pair of shoes

I love you baby your so kind you got a pretty face
I love you baby mmmmmm
nobody else in the race
Gonna buy you a diamond ring and a gold neck lace

C’mon baby it’s getting cold honey needs a new coat
C’mon now baby how I love you buy me a new coat
Don’t be stingy like a mean old goat

Whats that baby you want me to leave?
Don’t make me scream and shout

So long baby get out the door now
I see you about
Just don’t feel the same since your money done ran out